Hello! I am dr. Șerban Damian, nutritionist.

Nutrition is my passion!
I can help you to become healthier!

Since founding my Superfit Center in Bucharest many years ago, I have helped thousands of people achieve great results in losing weight and feeling better physically.

Our nutrition programs are successful, more than 90% of the time. They are appreciated on a daily basis by my many clients because our programs are easy to follow, are based on science and, most importantly, are adapted to your personal circumstances. We design tailored programs both for athletes and those with more sedentary lifestyles.

I like to help people to achieve better performances. For that reason I created Superfit Center.

Sports Nutritionist

Certified by International Olympic Committee.

Medical Doctor

I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine at The University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila”, Bucharest and I was also family physician resident.

Master’s degree in nutrition and food safety

Valedictorian of the Master’s degree offered by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest.

Speaker for conferences

Every year, I participate as speaker at conferences about nutrition, sports medicine, sports, physical education.

Author of books and articles

I have published three successful books in my competence areas, appreciated by thousands of readers.

TV shows and radio

I am a frequent guest on TV and radio, discussing nutrition and health matters.

My services for nutrition counselling

At the Superfit Center, I provide nutrition counselling for various situations and problems. My clients are mostly people who want to be healthier, to feel better about life and also to improve their performances. Among them, there are people with normal weight, others who are overweight and athletes, but all want to increase their quality of life and performances.

You can lose weight without stress and frustration

My tailored programs are based on balanced diets - there is no starvation! You will eat enough not to feel hungry or frustrated and will see yourself losing weight from an appointment to another.


Not with fat, but by adding muscle mass.

Naturally skinny people or those who have lost weight for various reasons can get to a normal weight, if they follow a well-designed program that includes hypercaloric diets, but also nutritional supplements and training.


The correct nutrition increases performances.

A good diet will not make a mediocre athlete into a champion, but poor food choices can turn a potential champion into a mediocre athlete. I will give you the best nutritional solutions to achieve great results regardless of the sport you practice.


The future of your child is in your hands.

A child who has excess weight is likely to be obese in adult life. Decide now to solve this problem. Extra kilograms affect him/her not only physically but also emotionally and intellectually.


What you have to do to achieve your goals

I am honest with you - I will tell you that I have no secrets, miracles or shortcuts. I know only one thing: we are on the path to success if we follow solutions based on science.

Come to the first consultation

At the first meeting, I will ask you many questions and I will make the special measurements – body composition analysis and 3D body analysis.

Do the medical investigations

At the Superfit Center we have technology that you will not find in many clinics in Romania. Take advantage of this and our methods to get to know your body better.

Follow our programs

We provide everything you need: nutrition counselling, complex investigations, coaching programs, psychological counselling, body care.

Be optimistic

We want to help people to trust themselves and to regain their hope and optimism, confidence and desire and become a better version of themselves. But don’t forget that the best results come only with the right frame of mind and if you get involved!

ILIE, 32

„I was always obese. I have tried all the possible and impossible diets, but I had only short terms results. I was able to lose weight for a while, then I was putting it back together, plus a little more. I decided to call the doctor and I went to Dr. Damian. At first, I was not sure about the results, because it seemed too easy. The diets were too easy to follw and I was never hungry. I started to lose weight and eventually I lost 60 kilograms. I couldn’t believe it. I feel much better now and my medical analysis are perfect. I also learned how to eat healthy. Thank you, Dr. Damian!”

*Disclaimer: The results obtained by the patients may vary from person to person, depending on individual particularities. The results are not guaranteed. Customer testimonials on our website are personal experiences and opinions.


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  • 18,49 or less - UNDERWEIGHT
  • between 18,50 and 24,99 - NORMAL WEIGHT
  • between 25,00 and 29,99 - OVERWEIGHT
  • between 30,00 and 34,99 - OBESITY (grade I)
  • between 35,00 and 39,99 - OBESITY (grade II)
  • 40,00 or more - OBESITY (grade III)
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    With love for nutrition and sports

    My passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle helps me to persuade others to pay more attention to food and physical activities.


    The certification for sports nutrition, given by the International Olympic Committee helped me to pursue a career in this area.


    The experience I had with the Romanian National Football Team gave me the opportunity to work at the highest level in Romanian sport.


    My connection with sport exists not only in my day job. I have run 35 marathons and numerous half-marathons so far and have no intention of stopping now!

    My latest book is a guide for a healthy lifestyle.

    I wanted to gather in one place the most important information I have learnt about nutrition and physical activity.

    The first edition of my book sold out very fast. This is a clear sign that people want information from trusted sources that rely on science and don’t distort reality, in order to eat and exercise better.

    Make an appointment for nutrition counseling


    For consultations, you can find me at Superfit Center (see the address below). You can make an appointment by phone, on this website or www.superfit.ro.

    The prices for my services are available on www.superfit.ro

    str. Moise Nicoara 20 sector 3, Bucharest, Romania